Trust the Medium

I have four days of back to back creative workshops. This can be a time when panic sets in as I am in danger of muddling my workshops up or worse being repetitive and formulaic! The aim is to make sure every workshop, whatever the content is bespoke and fluid.
Here’s what I mean:

Year Four: India
This morning I spent time with Year Four’s helping a local woman who had won the lottery. She wanted to set up a charity in India but wasn’t sure what to focus the charity on. Our job involved visiting a small rural village in india, identifying the needs and exploring the difference between a need and a want.
Year Two: The Titanic
The afternoon involved working with year two teachers to support them to plan effective MOE inquiries. They are going to be exploring the owner of the Titanic, if he was to blame and ideas around blame, responsibility and exploring ideas around blame and forgiveness.
Next week is a whirlwind tour around the world!!!
Year One: Light and Dark
Saving nocturnal animals from a flood.
Year Two: The Victorians
Looking at Ragged Schools and why people do charitable acts.
Year Three: The Egyptians
Recreating the River Nile and all that surrounds it!
Year Five: The Tudors
The Museum of Everything need artifacts for their next exhibition and we have to decide what she go in it!
Year Six: Kindertransport
Exploring how one man changed the lives of hundreds of children and the logistical organization required to do such a thing!

All of these ideas, challenges, debates and inquiry is being done through mantle of the Expert and Drama for Learning techniques. I am always reminded on mad weeks like these to (wise words from a colleague Chris Ball to “trust the medium”. Next week will be about me trusting the techniques and tools in my bag will work!


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