Storytelling the Curriculum

My work encompasses inquiry based learning, dramatic inquiry and creative practice to storytell the national curriculum in collaboration with teachers and children. I plan sessions that aim to wrap the curriculum learning objectives up into a story that makes learning irresistible! It uses drama as a tool for learning as well as other creative methods bringing the classroom and curriculum alive, relevant and purposeful for all involved.

I am able to offer a wide range of workshops and packages that will help support key aspects of the National Curriculum in a creative, engaging and motivating way. This could be anything from a Scientific inquiry into volcanos to a Literacy exploration of key texts such as Street Child.

Creative inquiry places investigation and exploration at its heart and creates opportunities for children to experience and discover things for themselves. Workshops and packages enable teachers to plan for and scaffold inquiry based learning.

Examples of workshops include:

Key Landmarks in London, Victorian Workhouses, Victorian Mines, Brazil, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Plague, World War One, Kindertransport, Shakespeare, Burglar Bill, The Lighthouse Keeper, Titanic, Sophie Scholl.


Investigating the Great Fire of London


Teacher Training

Teacher Training


Dramatic Inquiry creating narrative around Narnia


Big Dreams, Little Homes: exploring community cohesion


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