Mantle of the Expert

MOE is a Dramatic Inquiry Pedagogy that utilizes Drama for Learning and Inquiry Based Learning in order to explore the curriculum. Children are supported to imagine they are a responsible team of people who work in a specialized field. They could be Museum Curators, Vets or even Geologists. They are set a commission by a client and work together to problem seek and problem solve whilst being met with many challenges and dilemmas. It offers very rich emergent writing opportunities and is firmly based on offering children an inclusive way into the curriculum.

As an Approved Trainer in Mantle of the Expert I work with schools delivering INSET training, CPD opportunities, one to one support and practical demonstrations in the classroom.


Created by Dorothy Heathcote, it has been developed, tried and tested over the past 40 years and is finally beginning to become recognised as a innovative, challenging way of exploring the curriculum. It is a method of learning, teaching, questioning and challenging through immersing the children in a fictional world.


Supportive documents can be found on

Want to know more and access detailed schemes? Have a look at

This website has been written and designed by teachers for schools interested in developing new and effective pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning. Approaches that work best for children, raise standards across the curriculum, and prepare learners for the challenges and changes they will face in the future.

All the materials on this site have been tested in the classroom using methods researched and developed over thirty years. They are designed to make learning exciting, meaningful and challenging. They work on the principles that people learn best when they understand the purpose of their learning, how it can be applied and where it matches their own interests and motivations.


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