“I was paired with Emma to create a staff training session for the teachers at Gateacre School. Using her expertise and our joint ideas we created a highly successful INSET which has been praised by all staff involved. Our aim was to allow staff to access Drama based enquiry and give them the skills and confidence to include Drama in their lessons across the curriculum.”

“Thank you ever so much for the session, really seriously good!” SLT and ICT teacher

“I loved it and was really inspired by it! I have re-written my lesson plan for tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes!” A Food technology teacher

“It was really interesting and really did demonstrate how we can we can engage our students through drama. Hopefully we can now think about how we could utilise this in our MFL lessons. Merci beaucoup! ” A MFL Head of department

“Really great ideas that could be used in tomorrow’s lesson to help 6th form achieve their AO2!” A Sociology teacher

” Newly qualified science teacher even used the techniques during an Ofsted visit and loved every minute of it! The overall feeling of staff is that the ideas were easy to use and highly effective. I have had requests from staff who did not attend the lesson to help them to include Drama techniques in their lesson planning for the New Year. It is fantastic for the Drama department to have such a high profile in school!”  Gateacre School Pauline Larkin

“Emma’ s work on the U choose programme in Pendle was excellent. Emma works well thorough collaboration and brings an imaginative slant to challenging concept and utilise the skill of fellow practitioners to present a rigorous process for pupils to explore their aspirations through her own Feedback Theatre. This work set the ground work for pupils to then create their own digital road maps, inspired and stimulated through Emma’s input.” Paul Hartley – U Choose Co-ordinator

“When we did freeze frames because someone broke into the factory it gave me lots of ideas for my writing. I don’t have ideas in literacy by myself”. Year Three/Four Pupil – Lander Road Primary School

“A boy struggles just in literacy and I was recently visited by mum. He doesn’t want to write things down. In terms of the Mantle project he came up with the most bizarre but good ideas … How to move snow from the playground to Lapland – producing reams of paper. He used really technical and scientific words used in context, for example Black Hole.” Year Three/Four Teacher – Lander Road Primary School

“Emma has been a great source of inspiration for children and staff in our school. She acts with complete dedication and professionalism in her drive to foster independent learners and develop thinking skills in young children. She is motivated and cleverly weaves the strands of Mantle of the Expert principles into curriculum content, skills, concepts and attitudes. She develops a sense of purpose within the classroom in which the children care about what they are learning and they engage fully. She is able to co construct the learning with children and staff in a way in which is imaginative and demands high expectations from all. She challenges children in regard to stereotyping and moral dilemmas , solving problems, exploring and expressing themselves and taking on board the views of others. In her work she is developing in children a life long passion to find out more and to become reflective learners. Throughout the time we have spent with Emma we have learnt so much and become far more reflective in our own practice.”  Kath Lyons, Deputy Head, Blessed Sacrament Infant School

“Emma has really great presence and with her ‘out of role/in role contract’ she truly engages children in creative inquiry. It was amazing to see the children come to life and immerse themselves in the format of the day. Inviting the children to respond to a moral dilemma allowed them to make links between their historical knowledge and the importance of preserving history against the conflict of the needs of a modern society. An excellent technique for encouraging speaking and listening and higher order thinking.” Keith Moggach, Year Two, Bradley Primary School

“Emma is an excellent theatre practitioner with ability and flexability to work with others. Her approach when working with both adults or children is highly creative and informative. Her enthusiasm for theatre shines through and inspires you.” Megan Clarke Bagnall, Creative Practitioner

“I have contracted Emma to work for my company Bigfoot on several occasions and she has always given me added value through her knowledge and experience. She is well connected in the North West and has integrity for the value and quality of her work which will not be compromised for the wrong reasons. She is a very creative person and understands education from both a teaching and practitioners perspective. I have always found her honest, friendly, approachable and dependable. We still continue to use her skills and experience as often as we can.” Karl Wozny, Founder Bigfoot Arts

“Emma is a leading practitioner locally and nationally in the field of drama in education. She is particularly expert in the mantle of the expert approach to teaching and Emma has worked closely with Luke Abbott, one of the foremost exponents of drama in education nationally and internationally. Her work is characterised by attention to detail and clarity. She is a supportive colleague and her keen, analytic approach makes her a positive and challenging influence in and out of the classroom.” Chris Ball, Creative Practitioner

“Emma is an inspirational theatre practitioner. She has an in depth knowledge of the performing arts and an unbending comitment to increasing participation and creative learning. She has a proven track record of working with a diverse range of participants in both formal and informal learning environments and through a range of art forms. She has excellent rapport with participants and colleagues and her enthusiasm, energy and good humour cannot fail to infect anyone with whom she works. Emma’s understanding of teaching and learning informs her work and she has full awareness of the barriers to learning and supporting the most challenging participants. Her workshop and project work is of the highest quality and as a director she is innovative and imaginative in her creative processes and staging. She creates devised and scripted productions with high production values and a strong, visual and physical style. I cannot recommend her more highly.” Catherine Moggeridge, Participation Co ordinator at The Broadway

“I worked with Emma over a number of years while I was first Director of Programmes, then Acting Chief Executive of Curious Minds – a social enterprise committed to improving outcomes for children and young people through a focus on building their artistic and creative capability. Emma delivered a number of creative projects and training sessions for us in a freelance capacity and acted as a Creative Agent for our government-funded Creative Partnerships programme in schools. Throughout, I found Emma to be a consummate professional and a consistently excellent creative practitioner. She has a natural ability to engage young people and to foster both their voices and problem-solving minds through interactive and purposeful activities. She is proficient in a wide range of learning-centred drama techniques, with particular expertise around enquiry based learning, and is a natural and enthusiastic collaborator. I rate and recommend her highly and look forward to the next opportunity to work with her.” Chris Finn, Director of Personal Coaching



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